Damlag: Ilang kaugmaon, Ihatag karon

DAMLAG: Ilang Kaugmaon, Ihatag Karon (Let’s give them  their future now) or Project Damlag is UPOAAAI’s first major  project in 2013. “Damlag” is from the original phrase “ugma damlag” which is a Cebuano term for “future”.

Napalico Elementary School, Arakan Valley, North Cotabato (boundary of Marahan and North Cotabato, about 3kms away from the highway and about 60 to 90 minutes travel time from Mintal) consists of 3 single storey buildings, a stage, small open cottages courtesy of the community’s bayanihan, and 222 students from preschool to grade 6.



Students walk 1-5 kilometers to school. Some wear pajamas, walk on bare foot or in boots on rainy days, and go inside the room empty-handed. Some take notes with their notebooks and pen but some just listen to volunteer and regular teachers and participate in the activities. That is why students in the lower grades could hardly write while those in the higher levels could hardly write well. In class, they would just listen to the teachers and mimic what the teachers say. Sometimes, they sing songs and solve mathematical problems on the board.

Another obstacle to their learning is their parents’ incapability to pay for the school obligations resorting to pulling their children out of school.


Program Goals

 The UPOAAAI Project Damlag aims that parents will be encouraged to send their children to Napalico Elementary School, instead of keeping them at home to do chores or even work to help the family earn.  The association will address this problem by inviting sponsors who are willing to donate 750 Pesos to cover expenses for school obligations and school supplies of 222 students from Pre-School to Grade 6.

The distribution of supplies and other donations will come in 2 batches.

Through Project Damlag, students are given support financially and emotionally while they pursue their primary education and eventually proceed to high school.

This project also aims to reconstruct their grade 3 classroomconstruct functional toilets in addition to their one and only toilet, repair the roofs and ceilings and doors of the rooms, and probably a digital camera so they won’t need to squeeze all their students’ memories in a low-resolution camera phone.

Since it is a public school, the students do not pay tuition however there are several requirements that needs money.


What is 750 Pesos for?

  • 380 Pesos is the amount set by the school to defray expenses for sending representatives to athletic meets, jamborees for girl and boy scouts, and other activities in school such as Lingo ng Wika, Nutrition Month, Science Fair, Christmas party, and the like.
  •  250 Pesos will be allotted by the organization for the purchase of school supplies for each child
  • 20 Pesos will be donated to the school for room renovations
  • 100 Pesos will be used to cover the organization’s operational cost including the sponsor’s kit

 What are the roles and benefits of the sponsor?

  • Shoulder the student/beneficiary’s school obligation and supplies of 750 pesos in one academic year or 20$ (inclusive of tax via Paypal)
  • May or may not renew support for the student in the next year;
  • Exchange correspondences with the organization for whatever concerns related to the program;
  • Sign the Agreement and abide by the guidelines set by the organizers; and
  • Provide information of self with all honesty (Sponsor’s Form on the right side of every scholar’s page)
  • Introduce oneself to the beneficiary and his or her family;
  • Receive greeting cards and may exchange correspondences with the beneficiary and his/her family;
  • Visit the school and the community with the organization;
  • Share beyond the basic needs of the student but with limitations.

a. Other Allowable Materials to Sponsor

  • Food Allowance / Book Allowance
  • Books and other educational materials
  • Clothes and toiletries


Help us help them

You can be a Sponsor or a Donor for this project.

To sponsor, just choose your scholar(s) from the list of scholars.

I want to Sponsor

To donate, just click on the donate button below.

Other payment options aside from Paypal are the following:

BPI Account
UP Omega Alpha Alumni Association, Inc.


For successful money transfer on the above bank accounts, please email projectdamlag@upomegaalpha.org so we can check and confirm your transfer.

For Paypal donations beyond $20 or a sponsorship of more than 1 child, please email us at projectdamlag@upomegaalpha.org so we can personally assist you.

The success of this program will not only paint smiles in the faces of the students but will also give them a hand to reach their future.

Thank you!