Project Damlag Year 3

Project Damlag turns three as the school year 2015-2016 commences.

The UP Omega Alpha Alumni Association, Inc. is gearing towards providing the school supplies at the beginning of the month of June and turning over the monetary support by Christmas vacation.

In the past two years, the organization had to wait until all students were sponsored and the school supplies were delivered to Napalico Elementary School in December which was more than halfway the school year.










This year, as soon as we complete the budget on school supplies for the whole population of the kids, we will immediately buy the supplies and deliver them before classes start, and we will continue the campaign until we gather the rest of the budget on the school contribution, food, and operational costs.

Alongside UPOAAAI is Switotwins, Inc. headed by Ms. Glorypearl and Ms. Gloryrose Dy, and Mr. Marben Picar who gave a 2-day Digital Storytelling Workshop with 30 students from the elementary school. The digital stories are featured on their site. The students were able to experience how to create a story line, draw their characters, record their voices, and to have fun in the whole process using digital cameras and computers.

UPOAAAI invites you to help promote education and be a prime mover of change.

For more information on and background of the project, please visit Damlag 1 and Damlag 2.


Minimum Amount per Student Sponsor 

500 PHP or 13 USD


Help us help them


Be a Damlag Sponsor in 2 easy steps!


( 1 )  Sign the form here!

I want to Sponsor

( 2 ) Then, send your donations thru…

(a) BPI Account

UP Omega Alpha Alumni Association, Inc.

(b) Paypal  (USD) 

We request that all Paypal transfers be in USD following the amounts below.

If in Peso, please add P50 or 1 Dollar for the Paypal Fee automatically deducted by the site.

We also suggest that sponsors use the DONATION link to lessen fees. Instant transfers deduct about 5% of the money sent which the organization, sadly, won’t be able to cover.

13 USD – 1 student

24 USD – 2 students

35 USD – 3 students

46 USD – 4 students

58 USD – 5 students

Timeline of Activities

April 26 – Start of sending out invitations

May 27 – Initial collection for school supplies

May 28-31 – Purchase and repacking of school supplies

1st week of June / end of enrollment – Distribution of school supplies

December 19 – Christmas visit and turnover of school obligation

March – Graduation photo coverage


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela



Thank you!


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President, UP Omega Alpha Alumni Association, Inc.