I-Spell-Eng (2013)

I-Spell-Eng is the UP Omega Alpha Sorority’s spelling contest. For six years, this had been an inter-collegiate activity. However, in 2007, the activity started to be an inter- high school spelling contest, aiming to develop the intellectual aspect of high school students. Likewise, it intends to develop camaraderie among the students of the different schools given. This contest is open to all bona fide junior students from the different secondary schools. In 2013, I-spell-Eng will be even larger as schools from all over Mindanao are invited.
The winners of the competition were:

  • Champion: Camilla Trisha Aguilon (Holy Child College of Davao-Jacinto)
  • 1st Runner-up: Robert Aguilar (Philippine Science High School-Southern Mindanao)
  • 2nd Runner-up: Angel Diane Tadifa (Ford Academy of the Arts, Inc.)